The Swiss Team visiting la Maison des Enfants in India

From October 16 to October 30, 2010

nico joseph

This morning we left Alleypey and its house boats to go to La Maison des Enfants. In the mission bus, the whole team was joyful and looking forward to seeing, after a week of keralase discoveries, Cheppad, Pappy Daniel and all the children.

Josiane, Claudia and myself were happy to see our friends again, and Corinne, Patricia, Daniel and the kids we looking forward to finally meeting them.

A big sign on the building welcomed us:


« Welcome to « La Maison des Enfants » team » ! How nice !
Pappy Daniel is here to welcome us and quickly shows us to our rooms. One for the parents, one for the children and the four "ladies" will share the third room.


After settling down, we go on a re-discovery tour of the premices! I can help noticing that since my last trip two years ago, the construction aiming to extend the building have stopped:

only the first-floor kitchen, pantry and eating room are done.


In the boys house however, I notice with joy that the second-floor rooms are finished. One of the rooms serves as a computer classroom and 6 computers have been put there, and the big room serves as a sewing workshop with over 10 pedal-sewing machines in place. In another room, there are four electric machines.


Pappy Daniel tells us that the procedure has been started to get state-approved training certificates, but everything takes so much time here.

Perhaps on our next visit ? ..... Gisèle Tschan Gauchat


Dear sponsors, dear friends,

Do you like Bollywood? Yes? Well, our Cheppad children simply love it and, during their free time, they invent choreographies, imitate singers, but all that with evangelical words. We had so much fun watching them for two hours singing, dancine, moving and switching costumes. The show was very well prepared and organised. The little girls wore the most enchanting dresses, sewed by the Mummies, and the older boys invited us to pertake in the most rapid dances, soon to be joined up by the other boys, inlcuding Pappy Daniel and Nicolas, Claudia Berner's son. What joy! And it was good to see them have fun, happy, after hours of laborous study.

Josiane Secretan



I really enjoyed the elephants and the 6 films I watched on the airplane. Cyril (8 years old)


Here's a terrible picture....... But not representative of India... Nicolas (13 years old)

etal fruit

When I arrived in India, I was surprised by the smells and vegetation; I'm already looking forward to my next trip there. Adeline (11 years old)

The Sunday evening meeting is for La Maison des Enfants the Sunday service. All the children, seated of the floor, separated - girls on one side, boys on the other - are singing, loud, moving their arms in rythm. Behind them, with eyes open or close comes a joy that doesn't come from misery but from the beaming love of God. Each of us was invited to share a word, and we realised how much that made them happy. In order to thank us, they decorated each one of us with a flower garland that smelled very nice! Saloman, Pappy Daniel's son-in-law, told us: "Come back! You're always welcome! You don't disturb us!"


Thank you! For those who love beautiful emotions...

Josiane Secretan

groupe enfant 1

groupe enfant 2

What a joy to see all those children smiling and in good shape! We organised a walk by the ocean with an ice cream, we danced together, played together, it was one of those shared moments that heats your heart up.

What a great job Pappy Daniel and his team are doing, taking care of those girls and boys! Claudia Berner


La Maison des Enfants welcome us so well, such a nice group - that makes for unforgettable holidays! Daniel Berner

Kerala 2010